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Apalachicola Tour

Get ready to break out the crackers and hot sauce when you hop on the Tallahassee Brew Bus and we head to the oyster capital of the world, Apalachicola! This quaint little fishing village is not only home to some of the best seafood in Florida, it is home to Oyster City Brewing Company. Oyster City Brewing has as much character as the city it resides in, making locally inspired brews like Red Snapper IPA, a brown ale brewed with tons of local Tupelo honey called Hooter Brown, and many other that offer locally sourced ingredients.
We will visit Oyster City Brewing Company first where you will get a guided tour of their facility and be able to taste all of their beers. We will spend around 3 hours in Apalachicola which will give you the opportunity to explore this beautiful southern town and eat the best seafood in north Florida. Local shops and restaurants line the historic streets of Apalachicola for you to shop and explore. Feel free to see the sites after your brewery tour and beers, or stay at the brewery and enjoy some great food from the Owl Café.


The Tallahassee Brew Tour

Hop on the Tallahassee Brew Bus and let us show you around the blossoming Craft Beer scene in the Capital city of Tallahassee Florida. We will have 3 brewery stops on the tour where a brewery representative will give us a custom tour of their facility and you will be able to enjoy free samples of their amazing beers. This will be an awesome trip with all your friends or at least a bunch of like-minded craft beer fans that you will remember forever. Get on, do the drinking, and let us get you to and from all the breweries safely. Visiting Proof Brewing Company, Lake Tribe Brewing, Deep Brewing, Grasslands Brewing and Ology Brewing.